Angelica Feliciano

Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia,  Angelica strives to spread the love and appreciation of music to her students and fans.  As an active teacher and performer she also recognizes the need to always improve  the craft and to create performance, competition and learning opportunities for all lovers of the vocal arts. She is currently on the board of the recently revived Greater Philadelphia Area Chapter of NATS. 

Angelica is now teaching lessons online so you can learn how to sing from anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection. Using the cutting edge technology from she is bringing the love of singing in all styles to the world. 

What others have said:

Throughout school and college I played musical instruments, trombone and guitar. When my kids grew up, I wanted to dive into music again. I started voice lessons with Angelica. This proved to be a vast change in musical culture for me. While playing jazz trombone is certainly physical, singing requires much more refined breath control. The payoff is enormous as it has improved the depth and character of my voice and even has added nearly an octave of notes to my high end. While Angelica focuses extensively on technique, she is also all about expression of the music. Every song is about putting a piece of your heart in the music. As you progress, Angelica will never let you sit on your laurels. At every lesson you will be gently guided into new territory. Every so often you will be shocked that the impossible is quite possible and may even become a routine part of your singing ability. Traveling into unknown territory can be a bit scary but is often incredibly satisfying. Angelica has been an incredible guide and has made an adventure out of learning to sing. Best of luck improving your joy of singing. 

-Mike B., Adult student

I recently began preparing for an audition for The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City for Musical Theatre. I changed my audition piece several times, for various reasons, and each time Angelica would help with the search for a song that would suit my voice and that I could relate to. She helped me calm my nerves and step out of my "comfort zone." She also encouraged me every step of the way with constructive criticism and helped me work out every minuscule detail from voice to acting to wardrobe. She is a perfectionist when it comes to voice and vocal performance. The hard work she pushed me to achieve really paid off. I was accepted into AMDA and was awarded a scholarship for my audition. I usually get extremely nervous in auditions, but by being so prepared with Angelica's expertise it came natural and I felt at ease as soon as I began to sing. 

-Teresa, former student