Studio Policy

Studio Policy

Studio Policies

Angelica Feliciano

Please read carefully and keep a copy for yourself. Sign and return one copy to me. Students may be dismissed either temporarily or permanently from the studio at the discretion of the teacher for repeated policy violations with no refund.


  • Payable to Angelica Feliciano before the lessons in order to hold your time in the studio .  Acceptable forms of payment are cash, check, money order or credit card 
  • Competition fees will be the student’s responsibility if s/he participates
  • Make-up lessons will be given only when the teacher must cancel or is given at least a 48hrs notice. 
  • Refunds will only be given if teacher must cancel and there is no possibility of a make up lesson.
  • Non emergency rescheduling must be done at least 48 hrs ahead (as soon as possible).
  • $37 fee on returned checks
  • Lesson fees are not applicable to the next month or another student unless approved by instructor ahead of time.


  • Come to lessons prepared- music marked and assignments finished.
  • If you are a student not meeting at the same time every week please call no more than 48 hours in advance to check availability. Priority will be given to those students that have a regular time and pay in advance.


  • A binder
  • Pencil
  • Sheet music or books
  • Please bring a blank CD or SD card to each lesson so that we can record lessons or you can bring your own recording device. 
  • If you lose your materials it is up to you to replace them
  • I do not lend out my books though I may make copies occasionally so you should invest in your own music. In most cases copying is illegal so please obtain legal music.


  • Practice makes permanent!  I would like to take credit for your beautiful singing but in reality it is YOUR accomplishment-I only give you the tools to improve.
  • For each practice session set definite mini-goals.  For example a specific speed for hard passages or a specific number of measures memorized.
  • The more you practice the quicker you will progress.  As the literature gets harder you generally will need more time.
  • FOCUS and QUALITY of practice time are more important than time spent, although I expect singers to spend at least 15 minutes a day on warm-ups.  
  • Write down the date, duration, what your goals were and if you accomplished them at each practice session.

Holidays and attendance

  • There will be no lessons on the weeks of Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas unless otherwise arranged.
  • Lessons at the Wayne Art Center are subject to the art center being open!!!!
  • Notify me as soon as you know of planned absences but no less than a week ahead of the lesson to be rescheduled.
  • If your breaks do not coincide with mine notify me WELL AHEAD OF TIME WITH SPECIFIC DATES BY EMAIL so that we can work out a reschedule or I can remove it from your monthly dues.
  • IF YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY  or feel too sick to sing the day of your lesson CALL RIGHT AWAY, do not wait until an hour before the lesson. 
  • No shows and less than 24 hours notice will not be made up or refunded (like the doctor's office).
  • Rescheduling must be done within a week of the missed lesson and the lesson must be made up within a month of the original missed lesson.  There will be no rescheduling of make-up lessons at that point the lesson is lost. There are no refunds of missed lessons.
  • Two consecutive weeks in a row of no call/no show indicate intent to discontinue lessons but I would prefer a call.
  • Only one student missed lesson can be made- up or refunded per month except in the case of illness with a doctor’s note


  • Parents or other people providing transport are welcome to stay if the student approves.
  • I may have other teachers sit in on lessons to observe and possibly participate from time to time with the student’s approval.




Thank you very much for the privilege of teaching you this year!


I have read the policy in full and understand and agree to the terms.



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